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Some of my personal information (don't believe all you read)

Nickname: Most Imporetent nickname would be RazanGraphics, Rexy -
Alhamish- being beautiful – Razanaleeeeta – you can just call me what ever you want.

Birthdate: 12th September yah I know the day after 9/11 well I was born (&%$) years before 9/11.

Hometown: Riyadh (but living in Doha which feels like home)I had the best childhood, it was filled with adventure and fun.

Marital Status: you know its rood to ask me that :P just kidding still single and choose to stay this way till god knows when :P

Pets: used to have rabbits used to have a cat named kisses (deceased) , then I got another cat named her pickles but she scratched me a lot so I had to give her back(actually I am not sure if pickles was a female or a male):P then I got the sweetest most adorable dog ever where I named him Sleepy he loved to sleep so that’s his name, but I had to give him up but to the most amazing family they are south African the sweetest , the mom was like a second mom to him, they even have cats which he actually made friends with.

Job: Cunrrently I am a WEB DESIGNER & I do graphic design and I am the webmaster of the company's website .

year 2006: I love my job I love my office I love the people I work with, and to forget my amazing boss (mashallah) who quit and left us :P for a better offer :(- wishing him all the best.

year 2006 - 2008 : I love my job but dont I love my office , the people I work with are ok but I am missing out on alot of fun , most of the people i work with are alot older than me. There arent many girls my age, no one to hang out with when I am bored. My boss is really nice.

year 2008 - 2009: Like the place, love the people I work with . love my job learned to love my office , the people I work with are still ok but alot of people moved on to new jobs, and still most of the people I work with are alot older than me. It is better that there aren't alot to hang out with , gives me more time to learn new stuff . My boss left - the new boss is awsome!


current year: yepppeeee!!!! I have successfuly finished one second year in college, its all soreal :)

last year: still ongoing, but I am certified in graphic design (don’t ask) and I will be working and going to college soon.

Programs I know how to use: P: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator CS2, AdobeInDesign, Macromedia Flash (not so good), Dreamweaver, and not to forget all Microsoft office - except access.


EATING! TRYING NEW FOOD, TRAVELING TO NEW PLACES, watching TV, graphic design (love it), photography, I used to draw,of course shop & be around kids.

More stuff about myself where I think is a main reason for you to enjoy my company …

TV shows: Sex and the City , Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives , Medium, NIP/TUCK, CSI, CSI NewYork, CSI Maimi, LOST, Grays Aanatomy, Married With Children , Six Feet Under, PopularThe Sopranos, Scrubs, ER, Boston Public, The Practice, Law & Order: Special Victim's Unit, NYPD Blue, Ghost whisperer, Dirty sexy money, starter wife.

Comedy TV shows: Ugly betty, Roseanne, boy meets world, still standing, Seinfeld, Will & Grace, Everybody Loves Raymond, Frasier ,Dharma And Greg,That 70's Show, Friends ,Reba, How I Met Your Mother ,Drew Carrey,My Name Is Earl ,Joe, Malcolm In The Middle, Small Wonder, King Of Queens , Home Improvement, Brotherly Loved , Fresh Prince Of Bell-Air, Weeds, The Nany, Punky Brewster ,Small Wonder.

Talk shows: Daily Show with Jon Stewart , Colbert Report , David Lettermen, the view only after Rosee entered the show, the Tyra Banks, E! news, entertainment tonight, the insider, inside edition, ofcourse the Opera show.

Reality TV shows: Keeping Up With the Kardashians , The Girls Next Door 2005, America's Next Top Model, Simple Life, Dancing with... Stars, Hell's Kitchen, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Extreme Makeover, America's Got Talent, The Apprentice, Project Runway ,Trading Spouses , house swap, survivor.

Movies: blood diomond, sleepless in seatle, the wedding singer, clueless, ET, Anne, Hocus pocus, Breakfast at Tiffany's ,Babel, Edward Scissorhand, The Pursuit of Happiness.

Song: Moon River the song big played for S .J. Parker (carry bradshaw) in the episode(Sex and the city-Carrie and Big-I heart ny) where he was moving to Napa and Miranda had bradey.

Books: actually I like reading books about strong women and how the Succeed in life .

Food: look I just love food so I can't seem to make my mind on what is my favorite, but don't think that I am over weight or anything its just I am a person who enjoys her meals (lol and some times other people's meals)

Junk Food: apple pir from Mcdonalds (over it), chocalate cup cake from Lentore (amost over it), Rainbow icecream from BR, chocolate ship cookies, Amego tortilla chips - chilli flavour, Ice cream vanilla either Hagun Daz or london dairy,Doritos chips.

Color: I love all colors ,colors just look amazing on me (u probably think baal what a show off ) but i am in the faze where all my clothers are balck and white and :( beige LOL and yellow and light orange.


Best Friend: Amoola - A.S.E.E.L.A

Actor/Actress: Tom Hanks, Jonny Depth , Robert Deniro, Adam sandler , Tommy lee Jones, Ashton Kutcher ..
Marlin Monroe, charlize theron , Nicole Kidman , Eva longoria, Kate Hudson and Angelina Jolie

Beautiful People: Kim Kardashian, Adrianne Curry ,Marlin Monroe ,beyonce Knowles, Eva longoria, cristina agulira

Sports: swimming

Drink: Redbull, Pepsi, 7 UP , apple juice Capri-Sun , Saudi Champaign (apple juice, with seven up , Perrier water)

Restaurant: Joseph restaurant in London not sure of the spelling)- NEW the correct speling is Joe's, Aroma Gadren Dubai - Bondeera bahrain - Meat Co - Aroma Cafe Bahrain - apple peez ,Nandoes, indian resturant in the Marriot hotel- Doha, SEA FOOD in the intercon. Doha.

Been in love: no comment

Loved somebody so much it made you cry: Yes :’(

Ever been in a car accident:

CURRENT YEAR: Hmmmm, like almost three :P... ooops!! I said i was gonne sooner or later :P (MY FAULT! MY FAULT!) ok !! Happy??!!

LAST YEAR: not yet but it seems like I will soon with the people driving around me, hmmmm can't blame the people- some of my friends say that don't know how to drive coz i am louzy in parking my car, once i parked in reverse everybody asked me who parked your car, no one believed i coud :P

Ever had a traffic violation :

so many this year 2009 :

1. running a red light
2. using my phone while driving (as we all dont!)
3. crossing in the wrong lane

Favorite day: the day I arrived to London in the summer of 2006- and the summer after that.

Worset day : when my dad died on 04 September 2006

Favorite/not word or phrase: thats gay!aaah wallah...not: in other accsents (sho kman?), kelssssshhh! ooohhoooo!

Most annoying thing in the world: poeple who nag! liers! haters! people who fake being rich...stupid cab drivers and the karwa bus stopping in front of you. and girls who cant help them selves from jealoussy!!!

The website that really helped me a lot: www.good-tutorials.com
The website that inspired me: www.hamdaany.com his website was the reason I made mine, no longer available...with his links of friends he introduced me to all of those amazing designers.

Problems: not so much : can't seem to make my mind on anything, whether I want to buy something or change something coz I hate regrets, I always say who cares, especially if my sister lost something of mine... Coz I lost a lot of her stuff -not anymore i am alot careful these days.

I get so hyper when I see something I like its like GOD yalla I don't have time I have to be better and so on.

Also I am very strongly opinionated, I let others finish but I make it so difficult to argue with me, specially when it comes to politics and all this (horse sh!t) that is happening to only us the Muslim region.

Negativity in myself: I am so careful in front of others coz you see our society always misinterprets everything a female says. not anymore!
I love to disagree with my mom, I don't know why. so true!
I am so lazy not anymore! I can just lay down and watch TV for the rest of the day & I won't get bored unless there was nothing to watch. I try to change that but you tell me what else is there for a girl to do.
I hate it when people waste my time ya3nee come on talk faster.
I keep loosing my stuff ALL the time :( most importentaly i lost all my original copies of my certificates :(- who does that...hmmmmm...ME.. :(

If you've got any questions about website creation and need help please let me know. I will be more than happy to assist.

read this is importent:

One of my dear friends advised me today to write down the stuff I need for people to know regarding the request of any design. So when a person wants a design she/he should answer some questions. Not to forget she/he should email me with the requirements needed so no misunderstanding happens. So according to email I will start working on the request.

There sure will be a deadline but just to get something out in the clear I work alone and I am not a free lancer I am a graphic designer in a company which mean I might not be ready on time, this is not a situation of not being professional not being able to meet the dead line it is just that I am a beginner in the business of people's requests, so I apologize from now for any inconvenience, you have a choice to choose my designs under my terms and you have the choice to look other where.



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