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last update:Tuesday, April 22, 2008
at: 4:55 PM
Vicks is the MAGIC medicine


This is to those who don’t know the benefits of vicks VapoRub ointment:

It is really really the best thing I have ever used, whether it was a cold or pain in a joint or anything, imagine the other day I had this weird feeling of discomfort in my face, yes in my face I thought maybe the ac was facing me , then I thought it could be a wisdom tooth and a lot of other thought that crossed my mind I even thought maybe I had an infection in my facial bone (lol I know I am psycho) so anyways I had a very bad cold or flu I am not sure :P so anyways I used it for my cough and cold.
Then when my face was disturbing me I thought you know what !!! let me rub some vicks on it… and lol!! It actually worked… now that’s what I call magic :)

You can use Vicks for:

• On chest and throat, temporarily relieves cough due to common cold - so true
• On muscles and joints, temporarily relieves minor aches and pains - so true

last update:Tuesday, April 8, 2008
at: 5:11 PM
My latest Project :)

Last update 03.04.2008
at 03:05 pm
Betrayal of a husband

Imagine after two pure loving years, this couple fought for their love. The girl fought with her parents and threatened to kill herself for the sake of her love for this man. This man that was suppose to love her, protect her, save her from the world. After a long battle with her parents and all of her suicide attempts, they finally surrender to her needs and allowed her to marry this man.

All it took was a month … everything went down the hill… only one month and he sold her gold which he bought for her… one month and he sold all of her furniture which he bought with dept money. It took her like about 19 days after the date of marriage to find out that she is pregnant, from a man which she is finding out day by day that he is a liar. She was what we call it these days blind folded with love.

She was head of heels in love with this man, and day by day she finds out another lie or another betrayal from him.

She thinks to herself, “oh my god , I am pregnant from a liar, a man who was someone and turns out to be someone else”. What can a girl do in a situation like this, while being pregnant from him.

After 3 years of marriage and a baby boy, she can’t stand him, he can’t stand her. Every day she wishes that he would drop dead. So would he. Sad isn’t it!

Could real love change into hate? Is it possible that after all what they went through they would hate each other?

My answer… defiantly!!

Last update 01.04.2008
at 12:57 pm
I got pranked today!

Imagine what they did to me…..

I was in my boss’s office and we discussing something related to work, anyways… so they were facing some difficulties with a user’s machine where he couldn’t access some systems and they wanted to test whether I could on my machine , so anyways I allowed them , when I got back to my office I got this message where it says, YOUR MACHINE HAS BEEN HACKED … AND ALL YOUR DATA WILL BE LOST… IN THE PROCESS OF DELETING YOUR DATA… SAY GOOD BYE TO YOUR DATA… YOUR MACHINE HAS BEEN FORMATED NOW … so I run to the network admin running walla L and I tell him, he said see Razan how many times do I tell u not plug ur USB to the machine connected to the server… and he was sooooo mean that he told I will write an email forbidding u from using ur personal USBs at work…

So I was like oh my god I am getting fired today… I go back to my office … and I see this other note where it says… happy Aprils fool… this was an Aprils fool prank … so I started to run to the network administrator … I wanted to kill him …but of course I can’t… I was never ever pranked this good before…thumbs up to haris :P


Last update 12.03.2008
at 04:34 pm
An act of kindness provides you happiness.

A random act of kindness benefits everyone. Random acts of kindness show you respect and love others. 

An act of kindness next time you're driving? Yes! Give way, step off that pedal and let someone else go first. You'll feel good. Try tipping that poor soul and feel the warmth inside. I would say the giver is rewarded most. Meanness in spirit keeps you trapped in a world filled with worry and stress. Give and be freed!

Sometimes you can become so wrapped up in your own world and desire for success and happiness that you close yourself to others. Here's an important principle to improving your life:

If you want to receive focus on giving. Give more of yourself to others, love more and be kind. Care about the success of others and help them. By doing this you open yourself up to receive all that you desire to be happy.  

These principles are all to do with giving. Giving is all about showing your appreciation for someone. Take time to thank your friends, your teacher, your colleague for their time and their support. 

Show someone you care!

Last update 04.03.2008
at 12:08 pm
hello everyone!!


Ok so I guess everyone knows now that I am a messy person… whether in real life or even in my website… this is who I am … and I guess all you guys figured this out already… so I thought hmmmm what can I do to fix this problem…

I created a new link just for my portfolio for those who are looking for a design … and who want to get to the point… coz I , myself get lost in my own website … so what can I do … I barely have any free time to redo my whole website… so let me know what you think of it…



Last update 27.02.2008
at 12:16 pm
Hello every one...NEW BLOG!

Look ! I know what you guys are thinking… now she is a designer and she can make a new look for her website ? how bad is that? Or how there is no arabic translation oon my website or even how you guys can’t add comments right away to the journals, or even loOoOoOl how the poll question never changed ever since I created it … or even whats new section was never update for suck a long time…

I know all that… and I am sorry for all that… really I am… but I am trying to wrok on all these issues .. I , my self get lost in my own website , how about those who enter for the first time . lOoOol 3ala golathom bab al najjar me’7ala3… so for now lets try to get one thing at a time … I am trying to use a ready blog with all the options already there for me to use … so try it out … if I get a lot of reacation on it I will statrt using it …check it out …



Last update 13.02.2008
at 12:09 pm

Congratulations my self...

Last update 13.02.2008
at 12:09 pm

Congratulations my self...


Last update 22.01.2008
at 10:44 pm

Soooo far... I hate 2008…

Al7amdallaha 3al kol 7al…but so far 2008 hasn’t been so friendly to me … ok I have had good news but my bad luck this time is so powerful its contagous lol…

i will give you a brief later...

Last update 22.01.2008
at 10:44 pm


Alf alf alf mabroook ya Razan , walla al mal al7alal mayedee3, I found my mobile lololoooooleeeeeeeeeesh… alllf mabroooook… I found my mobile….hehehhehehehehe don’t ask me where coz if I told you where I found it, you would kill me …hehehhehe… I can be really reallllly lazy, if you understand what I mean…
bas al7adallah I found it… but lol… I didn’t switch it on yet coz the police might think I am the thief and they might put me in jail….lol just kidding, baaaas agaaaain allllllllllaaaaaaaaf mabrooook to me… hehehehhe walla u wouldn’t believe where I found it …


Last update 21.01.2008
at 05:20 pm

Something good... this week...

I got a gold medal... cool huh!!

Last update 20.01.2008
at 02:37 pm

I am in the (I HATE MYSELF) zone … so beware!

I am such a looser… seriously… I am… I never remember where I keep anything, I leave everything behind. I never look for something and find it …ya3nee I thought I would actually learn a lesson from my previous ordeal…. But nooooooooh Miss Razan never learns !!!! no freakin way …

I should always prove myself wrong…I just forgot my favorite mobile phone in the airport somewhere … and I ….oooof I just hate myself… LEAVE ME ALONE …

PS: Dear friends please call me so I can restore ur number in my mobile again…

Last update 13.01.2008
at 01:03 am
If you ever want to lose something just give it to me!

Man!!! Me and my bad luck , some people consider me to be careless that’s why I keep losing my things and others think I forget a lot . but the painful truth is this:” I really don’t know where does my mind go, or what’s occupying it most of the time?” to be honest I believe I am just carless… let me tell you what happened to me this time…

I ask my friend to drop me off to the airport , but I was a little shy to ask her to do so coz she had a car accident the day before, but she is a sweet girl so she offered me a ride… so anyways her front door on the passenger side was hit , which made it hard for me to get in so I ask our housekeeper to keep my laptop in the back seat. Anyways for the first time I got to the airport on time, when I got to the check in desk I realized I had some spare time on my hand… why not get me e-gate card (I always wanted to get one but I never had extra time coz I always arrive to the airport when they are calling on the last call…lol!!” I know… so anyways I go into the room , the lady took my picture and everything was going smoothly , so she said you must be lucky the machine usually slows down or freezes… so I told her : “ really!! Allah yester wesh be9eer feeny alyoum!!” walla that’s what I said . so anyways I am proud going through the e-gate passing everyone behind. FYI once you cross the gate there is no way out ! so when I got through …. I was like oooooooooooooooooooooh noooooooooooooooooooooooo where is my laptop??!!!! Ooooh my god I forgot it somewhere!!! But hey ! I don’t remember carrying it ???!! ooooooooooooooooh nooooooooooooo its in Amal’s car!!???

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan I should kill myself, so I run to my gate and ask them how much do I still have before we have to get on the plane ? she was like you have only half an hour…

What was I to do??? Just I let it go? How was I gonna study????
Hmmmm so I called Amal and asked her nicely (not really) if she could plllllz pretty plz get my laptop… I was sooooo ashamed to do so coz she just arrived to her house… I swear I can hear my heart beating , so she was like ok I will get it… so I waited and waited… I was like my god what am I gona do if she gets here and I have to board the plane , she will kill me… anyways she makes it… I owe her alooooot…

Imagine they even called on my name coz I was making the plane late :p lol …3ady eash da3wa ma3ndhom 9abor :P

So I get on the plane , I didn’t even sit yet , and the pilot was like” we are very sorry to inform you this but Bahrain’s international airport is closed at the moment for some security reasons and the flight is being delay for further notice…. Ok whyyyyy did they call on my name if they new already that the airport was closed ??? like I needed more bad luck??

It turns out to be that Mr. George Bush was arriving to Bahrain , and ofcourse its ok to delay everyone else for his sake … offfff…

So when we landed I saw Air Force One with the secret service surrounding the plane …AS IF!!

Almohim my friend was suppose to pick me up from the airport , but she couldn’t make it coz there were too many cars, and we have a test at 6 and it was already 4, anyways I take a limo and head to my hotel… everything was ok then…. But oooof I wanted to kill her heheheheheh …women!!! We went to a restaurant and we were eating soooo quickly as if we hadn’t eaten for ages …lol!!

Want to know why women should drive here is a very good reason…

She took us to this very crowed street filled with traffic lights , which we took 3 red light and waited, then she realized that that was the wrong street…eaaaash 3ogbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa????? I started to panic…imagine after all this we get lost?? But nooo my friend wants to go to the same street she usually uses coz she is afraid of getting lost , so it was like start point which she only knows …
Anyways we get there on time… and we start our exam… thank god I we made there on time… and I actually did pretty good.


lol ...oooh look at me ... i am from thr secret service!!!

what u lookin at????

I think this plane needs a make over!! it looks too old , so why not?? is there not enough oil money to redo the "Air Force one" Aircraft???

Last update 11.01.2008
at 06:17 pm

This poem is about me... someone wrote this for me... isn't that sweet!!

I once said, it would be amazing if someone would write me a poem.

So I was like: "I am willing to let go of my mahar for the sake of a poem", so this sweet man, who had good intentions... wrote this about was a nice thing of him to do, he was joking around and he was like is there an age range ... lol!! so I was like why?

he was like: i am afraid that i would write the poem and i am too old for u :P... dont misunterstand it... he is a poet and he just did me a favour... nothing more...

read it...

Last update 09.01.2008
at 03:07 pm

Wish you all the best in the coming Islamic year 1429 H.

Last update 02.01.2008
at 01:59 pm



اللهم اغفر لها... اللهم اغفر لها وارحمها..
وعافها واعف عنها..واكرم نزلها .. ووسع مدخلها..
واغسلها بالماء والثلج والبرد..
ونقها من الذنوب والخطايا كما ينقى الثوب الأبيض..
اللهم جازها بالحسنات إحسانا..
وبالسيئات عفواً وغفرانا..اللهم أنزل على قبرها الضياء والنور..
والفسحة والفرح والسرور..اللهم أنزل عليهم بردا وسلاما..
اللهم انقلها برحمتك من عتمة القبور..إلى نور وسعة الدور والقصور ومن ضيق اللحود الى جناتك جنات الخلود ..
في سدر مخضود..وطلح منضود.. وظل ممدود..وماء مسكوب..وفاكهة كثيرة..لا مقطوعة ولا ممنوعة..وفرش مرفوعة ..
اللهم اجعل قبرها روضة من رياض الجنة ..اللهم بيض وجهها..ويمّن كتابها..ويسر حسابها..وليّن ترابها..وطيب ثراها..وثبتهم على الصراط..
اللهم اجعل مرورها على الصراط كالبرق الخاطف.. اللهم اظلها تحت ظل عرشك..يوم لاظل إلاّ ظلك ولا باقٍ إلاّ وجهك..
ولا تحرمها النظر إلى وجهك الكريم..والشوق إلى لقائك..
اللهم احشرها تحت لواء نبيك محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم..واسقها من يده الشريفة الطاهرة.. شربة هنيئة مريئة..
لايظمئ بعدها أبدا..وبلغها شفاعة الحبيب المصطفى..
اللهم اجعل القرآن العظيم شفيعا لها في قبرها..وشاهدا لها في الآخرة..وحجة لها يارب العالمين..
اللهم اجعلها من السبعين ألفا الذين يدخلون الجنة بغير حساب..
اللهم اسكنها في الفردوس الأعلى من الجنة مع نبينا و حبيبنا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم.. اللهم اسكنها في قصورها..واسقها من أنهارها.. وأطعمها من ثمارها.. اللهم اخرجها من ذنوبها كيوم ولدتهم أمهاتهم..واعتق رقابهم من النار..اللهم اقض عنها كل دين.. اللهم أبدله دارا أخير من دارها .. وصحبا خير من صحبه ..
واجمعنا به في الفردوس الأعلى من الجنة .. برحمتك يا أرحم الراحمين

اللهم آمين اللهم آمين

انا لله وانا اليه راجعون


Last update 01.01.2008
at 09:24 am

It’s a NEW YEAR EVERY ONE … I think!! :P

So! Days go by… hours fly like seconds…and we are still waiting… or at least I am still waiting…

Inshalla this year will be one of the best years for all of us. I aim this year to be married before the end of 2008. Lol!! I guess my clock is ticking. It’s not like I am engaged or anything, it’s just I guess I am ready …saaaame3!!! Hehehhehe… this is a metaphor for whoever is there for me!!

True I still have a lot of other things in mind, like travel more, open my own company, do some real volunteer work in Africa or Iraq… (it’s a dream of mine). Ya3nee I have a lot of ideas and stuff that I wish I can do but I know that if I didn’t do them now I would be able to do them when I am married.

Coz you know Arab men! (lol) don’t you just love’m!

So anyways what I am trying to say is that this is just like any other day… no biggy…

But to be honest I can say that last night was the best new years eve everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

So anyways I wish you all the warmest wishes for the coming year.  May God give you all you wish for and make it full of blessings for you and your families.

As usual Lets go through the things I learned this year:

• if you seem strong people will fear you
• letting things slide to the last minute is never a good thing – someone once told me- which was a very bad advice :P (leave it to the last minute and you will do it) loool!! Imagine!!
• You can say what you want whenever you want, but you must always be respectful.
• Stop trying to embellish things, just say what I think is the right thing to say.
• I realized that I am really annoying like my friend Amal said, I do love every baby I see, and I always stop to make conversation with the little ones.
• Your true friends are those who were your friend since childhood.

2008 must do list:
1. Get married :P
2. Make more time for studying
3. Really look into this - starting my own business
4. Exercise
5. Make more time for my mom
6. Put an eye on my brother
7. Stop drinking redbull
8. Write down the things I want, have to do, must remember, who to call, what to do next.
9. Learn how to drive better
10. Learn some math lol!
11. Know my right hand from my left hand without taking a minute to think (I sound like a blonde)
11. I don’t have a lot of things for this year, at least at the moment

This was my 2007 must do list, and I believe I have accomplished most of it
1. Exercise – hmmm not really
2.Continue my studies - yes done and still doing
3.Read more – kindaa
4.Complete my projects before I meet their deadlines - done
5.Remodel my bed room- can’t seem to make up my mind
6.Take good care of my health - somehow
7.Maybe go to a dentist - went waaa a’7eeraaaan
8.Do some volunteer work – nothing yet
10. Write down the things I want, have to do, must remember, who to call, what to do next. – done!

Last update: 25.12.2007

Sorry but I have nothing to add!

Last update 11.12.2007
11:26 am



Heheheh this scene was when I threw all the shoes I could find on this 9ar9oor who tried to kill me.


Ya7aram what killed it was the Nike shoe, just like there slogan “just do it”… I tried all the pifpuff there was… and 9ar9oor refused to die it kept on moving and flying, it was soooooo disgusting. Imagine I had just gotten out of the shower and I was going to the outside kitchen , when I was attacked by the cockroach from hell .


So anyways I kept on calling on my sister to come and rescue me, or at least help me kill the beast! The more I sprayed him the more he got irritated – the scarier I got. I never thought I was a girly girl like this time I want to vomit from disgust walla…



Last update 11.12.2007
11:41 am


You know just that day I was thinking about my dad and how he always rescued us when a 9ar9oor would come. So anyways I was watching this movie The Tiger and the Snow it really touched my heart, it is an Italian movie with subtitles of course… but there is a scene where a bat flies into his daughters bed room and tells them not to yell or say ugly things about the bat, so when he start to direct the bat to the window and a good manner the bat flew out of the room , and the girls were amazed at their father…

to view the clip click here

I miss my father and his sweetness and kindness…ya7alelak yababa…

Last update 19.11.2007
9:41 am

This is my latest project, I had tickets done and posters and rollup banners... so freakin proud...




Last update 08.11.2007
01:35 am

Oooooooooof…ooof ….ooof… I hate driving, if you ask me what is the most thing I just started to hate is driving and cleaning (don’t ask!)… every morning I have this terrible race with time…oooof I hate that feeling… it is so crowded and busy and everybody wants to cut in front of you, when someone does it without asking first I want just press on the petrol and hit his car… I know you think I went mad right? Well driving in the morning is just hell on earth. Loooool not to forget my sister: P she has to talk , talk, talk ,talk! No matter how many times you tell her that you are not the mood to hear her today.

The other day I told her please R….n stop talking , then she did, then she said well can I talk now? Loool then I said no, then she was quite, then she said will you allow me to speak tomorrow? Imagine she is older than me … well I still love her probably as much as she talks…. Lool…I would like to rephrase, I mean I love her as much as she talks on the phone :P…sorry sis…



watch this video and see we are not the only ones who think this way!  

Last update 29.10.2007
09:05 am

I stand corrected!

There is a lot of controversy regarding the 9/11 incident, people say it’s done by Muslim terrorists and some say it was an inside job. To be honest with you, its kind of getting suspicious because we all know that the American government wants our oil, so it is true that it was an inside job. Well even if it was who’s to blame here? The American government or Bin Laden for this matter? The American government for not being able to prevent this from happening or Bin Laden for claiming he did it??

See the problem here is this: its either Bin Laden really did it and the American government is right, or he actually didn’t do it but was covering for the American government for his own sake!! Even if he didn’t do it but claims to have done it, is it completely not right to do such a thing, why not just betray the bastards and say the truth and let the American people judge for themselves who the real terrorist is!

Anyways what I’m trying to say is whether it was a conspiracy from the beginning, or even if it was planned since the Clinton’s presidency as everyone knows the Monica Lewinski ordeal, the American people felt betrayed by their president and focused only on this affair, and neglected all the other issues relating the hunt of Bin Laden!

See I want to get you to understand my point of view I am not against Bin Laden or anyone for this matter, all I am saying is: “if Bin Laden really didn’t do it and this whole thing was a conspiracy from the beginning, why should we accept that the American people and the American government to call us terrorists?
I believe just like millions of people the fact that they are after the oil, but it is a complete catastrophe if people were dying for this reason.

People are calling us (the Muslim society) terrorists! Just because we have “The Jihad” mentioned in our holy Quran, thus doesn’t mean that we condemn the death of all these innocent people. The truth behind this matter is that we should not keep our mouths shut, just because we are Muslims we are better than them.

I can’t help but wonder, is it true! that all this planning and plot for invading Iraq was really thought through even before he was in the white house, if so this means that the hole American election for the presidency is a fraud. Because there are some theories that say that this whole 9/11 was planned since the 1998, while the president was busy with his affair the white house intern. And the Bush administration is trying to blame the lack of intelligence of the American government and their Incompetence. Or was the Multiple Intelligence Warnings Converged on 11 th September really ignored for the sake of the gulf’s oil, and to be able to invade the Gulf without really calling it an invasion , but to put the title “ the war against terror “. WHAT!! What terror? the terror you are causing for our children or the terror you causing for our women? or the terror you are causing to our men who are studying in your country just because they are Muslim. Who is the terrorist really?

Let’s get one thing straight, we probably will never know really who was behind the 9/11, just like nobody knows who killed Kennedy. But is a known fact that every once in a while the Americans must go to war whether the war was to protect the American people or to protect some higher governmental assists.

To get one thing clear I am not a raicest , I am just saying to the American people that just like how you consider us terrorists we also consider you not only terrorists but plotters, thieves , murderers and a lot a lot more. At least our fault is obvious if we think someone deserves to die we say it or even do it. Not like you we blame it on someone else for the sake of money or oil. We don’t claim that we are humanitarians while really aren’t.

Please don’t get me wrong, maybe I don’t really understand in politics or even I don’t have all the right facts but this is my point of view. We shall raise our heads high no matter what they call us …

I know that this probably should be the first article after Eid, but anyways I wasn’t feeling so good after Eid I had the flu, which made me feel terrible. I had to go back to work , but I couldn’t make it. So I ended staying at home.

In case of spelling mistake to grammar errors , excuse me while I hate to reread and hate to double check …heheh I am too lazy!

Last update 29.10.2007
08:12 am
The Reason to my delay!

I really had my brain on either hibernation or I was logged off …lol!
Sorry for not replying to anyone’s email, or even update my site... or meet the people I was suppose to meet… I was so sick I couldn’t even remember what color the water was lol!!!

Ups and downs! mood swings...awful…



Last update 07.10.2007
01:46 am
with my latest car accident... here is the Traffic Violation List

to read the Traffic Violation List click here ...

this is a call out to all the women out there...

"we can't drive like how we did before... Hell just froze over... I guess we better not drive :P "



Last update 06.10.2007
02:14 am
at last ... I hit another car :( it was about time...

so my first day back I hit another car no wonder everything went great in Bahrain... there was something missing ...loool and it just happened when I got back.. But thank god not a big a deal I just reversed on this bus which was parked behind me… don’t ask me how I didn’t see the great big bus… I am a girl …ok!!!



Last update 05.10.2007
01:32 am
My first day went great thanx for asking :)

So this was unbelievable … everything went fine on my trip to Bahrain for college of course.. I couldn’t believe it.. I was on time for my flight (thank god)… the flight arrived on time… I didn’t put my bag with the luggage I dragged it… though it was heavy every one helped me put in the luggage cabin… I didn’t have to do anything lucky me… so anyways we arrive safely and it’s time to rent a car… so again (thank god) I find a driver with a nice car Yukon 2007 cool huh!

So anyways he takes us to the hotel.. I ask the hotel if they can book me a room every two weeks, and if they can give me a special offer coz I will be going there frequently, so not only do they agree they actually upgrade me cool!! So go to the room, and prepare myself for tomorrow I call the reception for a wakeup call... next morning they wake me and I sleep loool I missed it….

Looool!! just kidding :p … ok! I was late…who isn’t … :p

but I made it to the college …it was a strange feeling… Sitting and listening the teacher talking about the college rules and regulations and the attendance policies… and of course there is always the geeky student who never stops asking or always answering before anyone even gets the chance to raise their hand… boy was that annoying … but anyways I got lost trying to find the other classes… that was annoying, but fun in the same time…

anyways there was no breaks between the classes that was tiring …but the first day was great al7amulla I was so happy …finally I am going to college… I am going to be the person I always wanted to be …


Last update 03.10.2007
12:28 am
yepppppppppy!! Finally back to School


At last one of my dreams is coming true… the dream of going to college is finally here. The first day at college starts on Thursday 04.10.2007.
I start a new job alhamdalla and go to college, I guess now I have my life on track just like I always wished. I have suffered so many times from discrimination coz I didn’t go to college and now I can say “in ur faaaaaaaaaaaaaace” inshalla my first day will go great, wish me luck. I haven’t really thought about really studying but I mean it I want to get strait A.s always I want to be the best student there is. I want to be successful I want to be the valedictorian if there was one. I am so eager to learn… I want to be able to say “ no I can’t go out with you , I have classes” …

I will give u an update as soon I leave class…lol! I always wanted to say that :)

. . . add a comment ! . . .

Last update 27.09.2007
Happy Kerika3ooooo every one!!!

cuty 3anoodi...

this is how you muct eat it!!

pretty Jalabiyaa...

lol!! too much candy ...

sultany had too much candy no time to clean his mouth or actually there is no need to wipe his mouth...once you clean it, it just goes back to candy all over his face...feedeetah

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6:27 pm
I felt great...


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4:00 pm

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fedeeet logii

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more than 50 so give me time to reply to all

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more than 50 so give me time to reply to all

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I lost my battle with the dentist. Where are the drugs when u need them :P

See I always thought as long as I take good care of my teeth I won’t have to visit the dentist… well!!! I guess I was wrong..

Well for those who didn’t know, my birthday was on Wednesday 12/09/2007… I didn’t get anything for m birthday except for those amazing email I got … it was the worst birthday ever…look it wasn’t that bad.. but on my birthday I had o finish a project given to me from work + go to the dentist + stay up until 2 on the first night of Ramadan.

So anyways now I can’t stand the pain anymore… its unbearable … I guess I lost the battle with the dentist and he won this time… inshalla I will go to the dentist Tuesday morning I have to have a root canal…imaaaaaaaagine the worst thing in dentistry and I have to do… the one thing I fear the most after of course dying in a plane crash or eaten by a bear or a lion …

So please to those who had a root canal done …plz comfort me with ur emails….which only means well…:P I mean only say that it is not painful….pllllz…

Wish me all the luck or wish me to be completely drugged during the procedure ..

. . . add a comment ! . . .


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02:48 pm

You can’t imagine the huuuuge number of emails I received right after Abu Nawaf’s group forwarded my email… so proud of joining this group. So many people appreciated my work so many people had some good/bad comments … but I enjoyed all……THANX to all viewers....this was a great gift right before my birthday. :)

Than Abu Nawaf’s group for this great opportunity…


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at 11:19 am
Self kindness is the process of simply being kind to yourself.

Self kindness is merely asking "what is the kind thing to do?" rather than the "right" thing, the "perfect" thing or even "what will others think?” Kindness becomes the basis of your relationship with yourself.

I believe that in a kind relationship, anything is possible.

We often hear that much of our dysfunction comes from our lack of self esteem. Self esteem is defined as confidence or self respect. People who have "self esteem" yet are not "self kind" often have strict boundaries and struggle with resistance in their relationships. Self esteem without self kindness can create the priority of being right rather than simply being. Learning to be kind to yourself goes beyond self esteem and self value by enhancing your relationship with yourself.

But there is anger that comes after the kindness, which always leads to regret. But Anger is a completely normal, usually healthy, human emotion. But when it gets out of control and turns destructive, it can lead to problems—problems at work, in your personal relationships, and in the overall quality of your life. And it can make you feel as though you're at the mercy of an unpredictable and powerful emotion.


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at 02:09 pm
Thank God for where we are living.

Here we live in a country that provides free Medicare for its people, and we don’t seem to show gratitude towards our governments. We should be so thankful to be living in such countries with such wonderful governments.

I was watching the movie "SiCKO,” Michael Moore’s latest film, will probably make you laugh.  It may make you cry.  It is a powerful and often humorous indictment of our health insurance industry, riddled with corruption and pitiless abuse of the sick by rapacious, profit-mad corporations.  But it is propaganda.  In “SiCKO,” as in all his films, Moore violates the contract between reporter and audience: to tell the truth.  His inaccuracies and lack of nuance give his detractors a glaring target to strike, making it easy for them to dismiss his message.

Don’t get me wrong of course half of us, when we get really sick we would rather seek medical assistance outside Qatar, if we can’t afford to do so the government will not only pay for it , it will also give the patient and the member who is accompanying him a daily allowance. That is just generous, not to forget we don’t pay taxes (THANK GOD).

The quality of health care in Qatar is generally high and equal to that in Western Europe and the USA. Qatar now has a public health service providing free or very low cost health care for its nationals and it’s important to note that these services are also available to expatriates.

Tourists visiting Qatar should have travel insurance that includes cover for private medical treatment, but they also have access to state medical facilities in the case of emergencies. How great is that ! where on the other hand back in the United States the Lack of health insurance causes roughly 18,000 unnecessary deaths every year in the United States. Although America leads the world in spending on health care, it is the only wealthy, industrialized nation that does not ensure that all citizens have coverage.

So anyways when my dad was ill we first took him to Riyadh to seek treatment there for his cancer before sending him anywhere else. After his check up and so medical procedures it was time for radiation sessions, so the doctors in Riyadh advised us to go back to Qatar where Al Amal Hospital is considered to be one of the most prestigious cancer facilities in the Middle East.

You want to know how much we paid ?!! As Saudis living in Qatar … we paid nothing all what we had to do is donate blood to the hospital… how generous is that??Where will ever find such generosity in foreign counties?

So Thanks to: King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, and of course Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, for everything not to forget thanks to Al Amal Hospital for being the home for my father in the end of his life.

The World Health Organization's ranking of the world's health systems:

Rank Country
1 France
2 Italy
3 San Marino
4 Andorra
5 Malta
6 Singapore
7 Spain
8 Oman
9 Austria
10 Japan
11 Norway
12 Portugal
13 Monaco
14 Greece
15 Iceland
16 Luxembourg
17 Netherlands
18 United Kingdom
19 Ireland
20 Switzerland
21 Belgium
22 Colombia
23 Sweden
24 Cyprus
25 Germany
26 Saudi Arabia

27 United Arab Emirates
28 Israel
29 Morocco
30 Canada
31 Finland
32 Australia
33 Chile
34 Denmark
35 Dominica
36 Costa Rica
37 United States
38 Slovenia
39 Cuba
40 Brunei
41 New Zealand
42 Bahrain
43 Croatia
44 Qatar
45 Kuwait

46 Barbados
47 Thailand
48 Czech Republic
49 Malaysia
50 Poland
51 Dominican Republic
52 Tunisia
53 Jamaica
54 Venezuela
55 Albania
56 Seychelles
57 Paraguay
58 South Korea
59 Senegal
60 Philippines
61 Mexico
62 Slovakia
63 Egypt
64 Kazakhstan
65 Uruguay
66 Hungary
67 Trinidad and Tobago
68 Saint Lucia
69 Belize
70 Turkey
71 Nicaragua
72 Belarus
73 Lithuania
74 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
75 Argentina
76 Sri Lanka
77 Estonia
78 Guatemala
79 Ukraine
80 Solomon Islands
81 Algeria
82 Palau
83 Jordan
84 Mauritius
85 Grenada
86 Antigua and Barbuda
87 Libya
88 Bangladesh
89 Macedonia
90 Bosnia-Herzegovina
91 Lebanon
92 Indonesia
93 Iran
94 Bahamas
95 Panama
96 Fiji
97 Benin
98 Nauru
99 Romania
100 Saint Kitts and Nevis
101 Moldova
102 Bulgaria
103 Iraq
104 Armenia
105 Latvia
106 Yugoslavia
107 Cook Islands
108 Syria
146 Gambia
147 Maldives
148 Papua New Guinea
149 Uganda
150 Nepal
151 Kyrgystan
152 Togo
153 Turkmenistan
154 Tajikistan
155 Zimbabwe
156 Tanzania
157 Djibouti
158 Eritrea
159 Madagascar
160 Vietnam
161 Guinea
162 Mauritania
163 Mali
164 Cameroon
165 Laos
166 Congo
167 North Korea

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at 12:56 pm

Long days…long afternoons… short nights…

I wake up every day at 6 o’clock in the morning (of course using my phone’s alarm) which I always put on snooze until its almost too late to get ready. Lol! Anyways sometime I am not in the mood for driving what so ever, of course I find it difficult to ask my mother if the driver can drop me off to work … coz I never stopped nagging about getting my license … imagine the irony … I wanted to drive so badly . I thought by driving all my problems and worries would fade away. Now all I feel from driving is problems and worries.coz I always have a problem with parking my car – I hate parking.

And worries that I might scratch my car or lasama7a allah kill someone…

See before I would say that when I get my car I will be so happy and I will go out whenever I want and wherever. Now I hate going out coz I have to drive lol! Funny huh!!

But don’t get me wrong I love what I am doing some days I drive and some days I don’t.

Anyways back to my long days, I told I started a new job which is going great al7amd allah, but there is the rush and anxiety … I never had anxiety attacks before… but I did here … my fear like I told you guys before was that I would regret changing my jobs. Which inshalla I wont regret. Anyways as I was saying my anxiety comes from the fear or rejection or not being the same loved successful person I used to be.

Well until now, I feel like the people around me are getting to know me and getting to know how I am. And hopefully will love me too.

So anyways as I was saying …lol!! The day can be so long so much work that I swear to god I didn’t even have time to check out the time, with the new launching of the new website, we have to be so focused on everything.

So I started to leave work like at 4 pm or even 5.. And I go home and work some more… plus I have my personal projects which I adore.. But sometime I don’t.

Inshalla I will start soon – you will know when its time.

So anyways why do I have long afternoons too… well my mother and sister have traveled to Europe and left me and my brother alone… well I am not!!! I love to spend time alone…the quietness is what I love, of course not always. But I can eat whatever I want drink as much as redbulls as I want … no one is there to tell you otherwise … and the time i have left to sleep feels sooo litltle..i don sleep in the afternoon and i dont have enough time to sleep at night...when will i ever sleep like a normal person??

anyways I have talked a lot… enough..

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at 12:56 pm

sorry for the delays...

I had one of the most horrible weeks of my last week, thank god it’s over. Don’t ask me what it was; it was just awful plus terrible plus dreadful. I just can’t come to the level where I can explain to you how awful it was. I believed it was the end for me. Anyways it’s over now THANK GOD. It just always seems to me that it would be the end for me. I know you are probably wondering what could it be… what is it… well she tell us… well to be honest with you… no I won’t be telling you … LOL! Sorry private matter.

But alhamdalla now that things are back to normal or almost back to normal – inshalla by Monday I would find out (don’t misunderstand me it is back to normal just double checking) wink.jpg. I am at least glad that “me” is back to normal and back to my normal self.

Now I would like to take the time to thank all those wonderful people who add something to my guest book.

13. سلطان

Thank you for saying that… I know … and I will try to update every chance I get

12. Noor

Thank you noor so very much..its my pleasure.

11. sweetlipz


10. Sameer

Great compliments…I might actually take u on that one :P

9. ام نوف

Looooooooooool ….thanx and thanx to the Bahraini people …I love Bahrain…inshalla some day I will place a recipe of what I cook so u can eat it too.. oo thanx so much for those wonderful words

8. ساره

Thanx so much..I am so happy you liked it.

7. سلمان
I know walla I know, inshalla maybe next year I have it translated… I barely have time to update, so imagine if I had to translate too.. but really great are so right!

6. nouf

Thank you sis for even viewing the my site. I am so glad you liked it .

5. nafisah

I loved your kids…amazing …and thank you for letting me take their photos..

4. abdulla

Thanx, and yes I know it needs more attention..thanx for the advice.. I will try my best.

3. sultana

Thanx alooot..

2. maha

No thank you very much for liking it

1. Nasir

Your welcome any time…

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at 06:22 pm


Three weeks have passed since I left my previous job. The first week at my new job was terrible; all I can think of then was that I really wanted to go back. I was (lol) offended by anything and everything said to me. All I wanted was to go back or go home and stay home. I even called my younger brother to come and rescue me from that place (lol again) it was sooooo uncomfortable .but anyways it seems like a good place and it also seems that there is good people too. Its just I know and believe that I will never find people like the one's I used to work with. They were the best. Actually they were more like my second family.
I also really appreciate their support all, and I mean all of them called me to double check and make sure I was ok. I felt so loved.
Loooool…. You wont imagine how it was the first days , I couldn't wait to go home. Lol !which actually reminded me of school. In my previous job I never bothered to see what time it was coz I enjoyed every second of it. I even stayed late and to be honest I wasn't upset unless of course if I was hungry.
So anyways I was scared you know of meeting new people who don't really know how you think or they might even misunderstood.
So anyways enough about discomfort, I want to thank all those who signed my guest book, and all those who emailed me whether to complement me on my website or those who requested designs. And of course my friends, thanx you guys.

Last update 21.06.2007
at 06:32 pm
How can I ever thank those people, not only for what they did for me on my going away party but for this wonderful day they gave me. It was just an unbelievable, the things they did in such short notice. It was amazing the whole thing was amazing. I can't explain the joy I felt. They made feel so proud of the friendship we all have. A true family. I will miss the good days we had together. I will miss all the laughs we had, all the busy days, all the slow days. All the days there were excellent. Really I am not lying.
They were all soooooooooooo sweet to me. I have a lot to be thankful for. The past two years of my life were the best ever. Great working days . sometimes I didn't even want to go home coz I felt like I was already there.
You know what they did for me? Let me tell you:
1. not only did they plan a party they didn't even tell what they were planning.
2. they got me the best flower bouquet I mean the biggest I have ever seen.
3. they got me my favorite cake with Razangraphics logo on it. Imagine my happiness.
4. they had a small diary in a shape of a purse coz they know how much I love purses, not only that they all wrote some thing in it for me. The best idea ever for the perfect gift.
5. they bought me a very very expensive watch that looks sooooo beautiful.
6. they got me like alooooooot of food and alooooot of amazing sweets. Just sooooo delicious.
7. they even got me redbull and for the others to enjoy. How amazing was that.
I was just amazed at what they did for me. I felt loved. True love from every one even the tea boy was so sweet to me, he was trying to close the meeting room so I wouldn't get a glimpse of what was going inside there.
Here is a THAAAAAANX to the most wonderful people in the world:
• Thanx to my dear I mean dearest friend Hamada A. for being sooooooo extra nice to me the past few years , and for this wonderful party planning it was amaaaaazing…can never thank you enough…never!!
• Thanx to May for being so creative, and so sweet. Even though our friend ship was short it feels like I have known you for ever.
• Thanx to khalifa for helping even though you have to study. Thanx for being my brother.
• And of course thanx to everyone for this wonderful feeling you gave me…
thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanx y'aaallllllll. I love you all so very much.
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at 11:31 pm
What? Why? And who?
Why are choices so hard to make? Why do we always get too confused when we have to make a decision? I understand that some choices can be live changing but the true question would be do we really know what's good for us? People always say follow your heart and see what it tells you… but does it really tell us what is good for us? Or do our emotions control our choices? Who really knows?
Having to make a hard choice could be very time consuming, I can't seem to make my decision on what to choose , although I have made up my mind I still feel like I'm confused , but I know that what I am doing is the right thing for me? Is it really what I want?
Technically it is the right choice , according to my situation it would the best opportunity ( you can say a one time life opportunity… but still something seems to feel off… is it the complete idea of change? Or is it the fear of something new? Or even the fear of failure or regret? It could be a combination of the above…truly sometimes I would rather have someone make the decision for me…
What if I make the wrong decision, will I regret it deeply either way - I mean. You know what I think.. I think people should give you two chances not one, so incase you make the wrong decision you can still go back to the other decision.
But like they say you can only get the opportunity once…my idea is to change this concept and make you only get a chance a hundred times more :P
Imagine if we can change something for ever … wouldn't that be the best thing ever?

Last update 02.06.2007 and 06.06.2007
at 05:43 pm
Experiences... its always nice to experience...
I am suffering from designers block just like writer's block (as if). No seriously I can't seem to design anything. Could it be because I had such a great time in London that I can't believe that am back?
I just can't explain how much fun I had. The weather, the food, the shopping, the walking, the rain, the cold breeze, its just the hole experience of traveling.
See when I travel anywhere I always dream about living abroad. It is just an exciting thing to dream about. My only true dream is to have the experience of living in London for at least a year. Its because of the wonderful things I saw there for example: the women I saw dragging luggage everyday, so I asked someone "it seems like a lot of women who are traveling seem to go grocery shopping first ?" so the women who answered me said:" no see we buy groceries which seem to be heavy, and we enjoy to walk back home so we drag our groceries in a dragging bag" isn't that just amazing , we can't even carry our groceries to our car!
Or even how everyone carries an umbrella even if it was a sunny day!
Let me tell you about my trip, see when I first got there it was unbelievably cold not to forget the rain. I didn't pack a jacket or a scarf or even a sweater, thanks to some people who told me that it was sunny. So anyways I ended up shopping for something warm to wear, where all the shops where selling the summer collection which was a disaster for me because I have so many jacket back home. Imagine my frustration.
So anyways I bought a lovely jacket and 3 pares of stockings, which I wore under all my clothes, but then I had to deal with my fear of the cold weather and didn't wear the stocking for one very important reason which was I couldn't try on the shoes I was intending to buy coz my finger where covered with the stockings :P. so for the sake of shoes I had to deal with the cold weather and never wore them again. I loved it… I truly did…
I had to ride the underground subway; it was very nice I really enjoyed it. Girls there are really very colorful. I loved there sense of fashion, even if thing didn't match some how it was matching. I was so intimidated by there style.

* four days after I wrote this… my designers block has disappeared … cool huh! I guess I just had to talk about it – to solve it … I am sure now that I am ready for change…

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at 09:38 pm
Change… is it good for us?
Is change really good for us? Or is it something we just say to make us feel better about our selves? Who really knows?
To me change scares me change scares me so much… I am not sure I am good with change; the begining of anything new just freaks me out. But I guess it is time for change as long as it is god for me.

Knowing new people also freaks me out, I am social and everything but I am always afraid of what people will get out of me from the first impression. But to be honest I never had a problem with people they always seem to like me (thank god) I always aim to make every one like me, which is really exhausting sometimes. It feels like I don't want to work so hard to make every one to like me like before.
But I will always be the person that I am … thankful to god for giving us the things he gave me and my family… Iwill always be cheerful like always… I will always be thankful for the life that I have…thank you God for the family that I have for the friends that I have especially my collogues … I truly respect them and love them all… they gave me happiness I never thought I will get out working… so thank you guys you are all sooooo funny… they made me feel love... they all adore me, which makes me feel soooo good about my self...I am sure I will never find people like them… thanx you guys for making me feel so special…

Last update 01.05.2007
SoOoOoOoo Broke...


Last update 08.04.2007
Boy has it been a ruff couple of days!?

Let's see….hmmmm…. first I get my USB damaged by some encrypted (what ever thing).
I loose all my data, even my psd files…
Thank god I am not that dumb, I had made a backup earlier last week… but to irony of my faith I backed it up in a DVD as you coz you know it carries more than 2 G.
So when I realized that the USB was damaged I was looking do the backup cd all over the place and try one cd after the other… and all of them are not it, except for the one that seemed empty… hmmmmm…it wasn't empty …lol it was a dvd and my computer doesn't read dvds looooool…you know when u are angry and you can't see nothing but the fact that you wanna kill someone …

Then I ended up going to shopping to deal with my grief … and I spent so much which means I couldn't afford most of the things that I bought.

Anyways that’s not my point… I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed a vacation a really loooong vacation I am not use to snap at people and now all I do is snap and judge and yell…

This means that sweet girl (which I am) is disappearing …

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at 11:27 am

Who is Politically correct…? I am guessing… nobody…

click to enlarge

See I believe that people when they don't agree on the same point of view, they usually end up fighting about it. And I strongly believed that I am one of the people who respect other people's opinion, but when I am the only one defending the issue it made it really hard for me to control my temper.

What really pisst me off was that those females intend well, but they have no idea what they were talking about. It was like I would ask a question and she would answer in a completely different subject. See the thing is I knew she didn't have the answer to it, which caused her to become so aggressive.
I believe that if you don't know what you are talking about please be quite so you save your self the embarrassment.

No offence to housewives I wish to become one someday, but please don't repeat what your husbands say just because you want to seem inelegant.

See I believe that in politics we as Arabs can never agree, we can't even agree as a family which restaurant to go to. How about deciding the future of a nation. It is just a really difficult thing to discuss coz people tend to take it as a personal attack, which is wrong!! And every depressing … why can't we as Arabs accept other people's opinion with out taking it so personally…

There is corruption every where in the world not only in the Middle East, but why do we always criticize rather than try to solve.

Ok! Stop criticizing and tell me what do you think we should do to solve this… the answer would be … nothing can solve this …

I would say to this person:" if you say , we can't fix this , or what can we do, or who cares " if everyone says that , that would be our main problem no body thinks that our situations are fixable and beyond rescue which is in my OPINION really wrong. If we all don't want to make a difference ; who will???

Last update 02.03.2007
at 03:32 pm
. . . THANX . . .

Thanks to my support group:
Thank you …
You know who you are… especially for saying that I have grown up…
Thank you … for your support …
Thank you … for encouraging me…
Thank you … for pushing me to better my self …
Thank you … for believing in me …
Thank you … for saying what others won't say, to spare my feelings …

Thanks for:
Thank you … for liking my work…
Thank you … for feeling a little jealous of my talent. (Show off)
Thank you … for reading my journals…
Thank you … for saying that I am A professional
Thank you … for saying I deserve all the best…
Thank you … for saying I should work in an international advertising agency…
Thank you … for getting me more freelancing jobs…
Thank you … for trusting me…
Thank you … for choosing me…

Last update 28.02.2007
at 09:40 am
Hello every one

I know it's been so long since the last time I have added anything into my journal, but you know its been really exciting lately, I have a lot of afternoon activities which makes it really difficult for me to do anything. I have joined a digital art committee which I am aiming to manage plus I have afternoon classes, so a day here a day there not to forget some of my freelancing JOBS (which I love to death) another plus I am considering - afternoon classes- which I will be giving …wouldn't that be amazing …hehehehe I will get to boss people around… I guess I have some emotional problems with orders which I feel that I want to take it out on my students…. (mentally ill!) you might think…

I think I am getting there… hopefully…

Thank you all for your support … & you know who you are …

Last update 08.02.2007
at 11:03 pm
my favorite photo

Last update 25.01.2007
at 09:53 pm
Could it be??

I have realized lately that I have become so emotional; I am not sure if they were true feelings or if they were just my hormones speaking.

I have noticed that most of my actions are so similar to what my father would do, it was more like the way he talks or moves his hands or even a habit that he had. Could it be That I inherited that from him just after he past away??
I know you guys probably think I am crazy or that I am loosing it.. But could it be that I am freaking out from this because it is just starting to hit me that he is no longer with us??
Just yesterday my mom was telling us one her famous stories, where she had give out all the details she can remember (trust me she wont mind even trying to remember the waitress hair color) :P that’s what type of story she is . Anyways I was thinking while she was talking that (oh my god) my father isn't there to agree on her story or to even disagree about some of the details. My father won't be telling me any of our old stories.

I was thinking what if I didn't get to hear all of his stories? What if he forgot to tell us all of them Who is going to tell to us??
I am so scared that I might have not heard them all, and I won't be able to hear them ?now that he is gone…

Last update 01.01.2007
at 08:55 pm

Chaos… Chaos… Chaos…OR IS IT JUST RUSH HOUR

Last update 01.01.2007
at 08:55 pm

Chaos… Chaos… Chaos…OR IS IT JUST RUSH HOUR

Hmmmm… back to school… I mean back to work… so sad isn't it? Having to wake every morning to the same thing every day … the streets are filled with people who I wonder how they got their license or even how they even passed… (look whose talking!!) anyways back my issues with every day's routine… every day is the same thing, you take the same roads, you park in the same spot, you walk in the same side walk, and then the daily (good morning) greetings , and people asking you about your weekend pretending to care..

Anyways it was unbelievable the traffic today I left the house like 7:12 am and I had to wait ?in traffic up to 7:56 in the same street. It was like we all left the house at the same time heading to the same location.

so I guess back to the same thing every day… I just wish that we can have a subway or some kind of solution to the traffic jam we keep having whether it was in the morning rush hour or even the afternoon rush hour.

you know we had a wise driver that once said : " you know madam , me sure every nafar have two car in Qatar, and two car kolo kolo barra , that’s why fee wajid za7ma kol kol youm"

ast update 01.01.2007
at 08:55 pm
So I guess there goes another year of my life, not exactly what I was hoping for but at least done some of my last year's resolutions. I am not being sarcastic about it but I do feel older I mean a lot older than last year, much more mature than I was. I gained a lot more confidence through this year. Learned about this world and its harshness and how tuff it could be.
One the worst things of this year of course was the loss of my dear father on 04/09/2006, but I did learn a lot from this experience. I learned that loosing someone makes you strong especially if you lost someone like my dady. He just loved me he loved us all so much.

Lets go through the things I learned this year:

• How to say what's on my mind on the spot.
• I have become a lot more confident, where I learned if I wasn't I would hurt my self
• Not be so nice all the time
• Get what I want I want it
• Be patient
• I learned that being so messy can really hurt you in an emotional way(I'll explain later)
• Know who my true friends are.
• Men can't be friends with women (NO WAY)
• Never say I will do something where I know I can't do.
• Never relay on anyone to do something for you

2007 must do list:
1. Exercise
2.Continue my studies
3.Read more
4.Complete my projects before I meet their dead lines
5.Remodel my bed room
6.Take good care of my health
7.Maybe go to a dentist
8.Do some volunteer work
9.Complete my portfolio
10.Write down the things I want, have to do, must remember, who to call, what to do next.

11. i am sure there are alot more I'll think of the other things later

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"I know I am so cute…& you just want to kiss me …"

This puppy should look at everyone and say,
What are you looking at?
You want to kiss me right and snuggle me...

"I am thoooo cute you thust wanna kith me hug me and thqueeze me"

So anyways my friend has this female dog, which doesn't waste a year with out bran new puppies, it is so much fun with those puppies. They were born on November 5th .
She has Orlando the (Chihuahua) he gets so jealous when are playing with the puppies coz he is too short he can't seem to help him self to jump to the bed. I feel that he feels like such a looser: P and then he ends up mad …grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..
To me he looks like this Mexican dude who looks like he want a smoke.

Last update 08.12.2006
at 03:14 pm

So let me tell you about last night, it was like a dream come true. You might think what a lame dream but you know some girls have different dreams; mine was to have at least four different girls just hanging out together, each girl as an individual is so amazing. It was just like my extra extra favorite show sex and the city, but we weren't four friends we were five + my mother….looool can you imagine. But to be honest it was a lot of fun which I believe I needed for such along time.
It was so comfortable just sitting there in the garden watching that really disturbing Nip/Tuck show, but imagine how disturbing the show was and funny we took it, we literally could not stop laughing and giggling.
For example one of the girls had her cute looking doggie named Orlando he was so calm and peaceful and of course the best part was that my mom hates dogs and we get to freak her out with it .
You know my mom is a really tuff women, when she wants something to happen she makes it happen, so imagine we had barbeque in the rain… I know you think it is silly but actually it was a lot of fun and it was really cold you know with the rain and the cold breeze.

ast update 08.12.2006
at 08:17 am


We had one of the best (girls night out) yesterday, I had my hair done, manicure, and even bought a new suit to go with my hair. It was so much preparation for only a fashion show. I just felt like standing out this time.
It was all going great until we started running out of time, and we were as they call it "fashionably late".. aaaaaaah naaaaaaa…. Not fashionably late. Its more like so late that we missed it….. lol… think its funny.

All the trouble I had to go through to look my best.. It was just hilarious, we couldn't stop laughing. We were four girls, and imagine the scene of the four of us enjoying what's left of the show, and then suddenly all the models were walking in a line, and we were all just looking surprised and said to each other " what's going on …there is no way the show is ending, they must be joking." then I said:"I didn't spend all this money on a 20 minute thing". We all just couldn't seriously stop laughing it was like we were high or something.

Although we couldn't really enjoy the complete fashion show, we did enjoy what we was left of it.

you know how it is when you want to be one of the last people to walk into the room,
its more like I would rather walk in and saying hello to the people I know, better than having been there first and having to stand up every time a new girl walks in to the room. I don't know if you know what I mean…what ever!! i don't understand my own point!!

Anyways back to my aaaaaaaah…. CLOTHING!! It was just, how can I put this in the right form or sense... I didn't want to put on my abaya no one got to see what I was wearing, it was too dark: (after the show ended I told them lets crash on somebody's wedding there is no way I wasting my looks on a 20 minute thing, and not to forget the fact that it was only women in a DARK room!! Hehehehehehehe can you feel my pain?

Anyways we decided to go for dinner, and there is no way I was leaving my car without my coat, hehehehehhee and my sister and my friends were like: "you don't need it now; we are going to be indoors. Take it easy …LET THE JACKET GO…" LOL it was like I was addicted and they were talking out my drugging habit .it was just too funny you had to be there..

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the one and only . . . Qatari equestrian captain . . .
(HE Sheikh Mohammed Bin Hamad Al-Thani)

One of the most beautiful things about the Opening Ceremony of the 15th Asian Games was when HE Sheikh Mohammed Bin Hamad Al-Thani raced up the ramp on horseback to light the flame. It was just too muscular and manly like the man of every girl's dream, for the handsome prince to rush into her rescue... It was just amazing (job well done..)

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Hamad Al-Thani, the Qatari equestrian captain ...
check this breathtaking clip!

Last update 30.11.2006
at 10:53 pm

One of the most interesting things in life is trying to figure out who you are or at least who you want to be.
Is it really that hard to know your own self?
Technically, I think yes it is really that hard. See when you are still young you think you can concur the world, you can achieve the highest but the truth is, it is really hard to even make in this world, after the majority of people changed. They really did. No body really cares who you are or even who you turned out to be. It is true that people must mind their own business, but until when? When the whole society gets corrupted?
Sometimes I wonder should I change into this horrible person to get to what I want, or just stay the way I am, and get no where?
It is a hard question… who am I? am I the good person who wouldn't mind get run over by others
Or am I the person who will run people over
I believe it’s a hard thing being nice and all that because people are so mean these days , I am not being negative or anything but I agree that we have seen the worst in people at least in this century, its like the good people who actually cared about the society are extinct or thy all vanished. Its like an end of an area .or maybe there were never good people who cared about the society in the first place.

Last update 18.09.2006
at 12:53 pm

I miss holding my dads face when I used to tell him something, I miss my dady asking how school is because he keeps forgetting that I am working. I miss him saying did you change your lenses every single day he would tell me the same thing over and over.
I miss him asking me to make him his favorite pizza; he always said that my pizza was the best pizza in the world.

Or let me tell about his office you know his office had all of our drawings all over his walls it was really cute.
You know when I showed him my business card he was so proud of me they way he read it was so nice, I loved the way he would wear his glasses to read the small details on my card, then he would take them off and wear them again to read the other side, he was so proud.

I love the fact that most of babas latest stuff were presents from me, I really enjoyed it when my dad would ask me to buy him something, it was like I was spoiling him. You know I bought him a pair of sneakers which he never (and I mean never) wore but he just wanted them.. So got them for him…

In the end he was getting better, nobody knows what happened what caused his heart to stop. What I know about my father is that he is not a quitter why did he quit then..

You know his doctors all came to the funeral it was so nice of them, they were European but they all wore abayas and head scarfs just as respect to my dady.

They doctors told us that they were choked on the way he died, it hurts…

It is his faith I guess or like what they say it is his day.

here are some of my dads hospital photos ...



Last update 23.08.2006
at 08:56 am
I am so excited about traveling, ever since my father got sick and every thing I had in mind had to be on hold. God bless my father (inshalla).

But now I have to write a list of the things I need to take with me or even the thing I have to buy before traveling, so I will be really honest I will even mention the prices :P
1. go the beauty saloon to do:
a)manicure = QR 50
b)girls stuff = QR 150
c)more stuff at the saloon = QR 50
d)spray tan = QR 200
e) do my hair = QR 100
f) hammam zait = QR 80
g) French manicure = QR ???

2. buy lenses = QR 125
3. buy a new suit just to travel in it = QR 1800 almost
4. make music CD

Now things I have to remember to do or to pack:
1.Don't forget to pack my SHOES (last trip I forgot my shoes can u believe that!)
2. pack all the coats I can find (but try to fit them all in one bag)
3. Separate my make up from my sisters.
Every time I remember something I will post it, incase you guys remember anything that I left out email with it : P

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at 11:23 am

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at 07:48am


I miss my dad being home so much, some times i can't handle it anymore.

click on this image to read the hole thing, this something my sister wrote for my dad. i couldn't do anything with before, coz i couldn't read it ...

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at 04:51 pm

why is it so hard to believe?

You know what I can't understand, is why does everybody thinks that lovers (true lovers) wont get married and if they did love dies. I am sick of hearing this its like" listen don't think for a minute that you might find love, and if you did, don't think for a minute that you will marry the love of your life. So what's the point of even thinking about it"
Why is so tuff, I am not saying that I going through this but I am reading this book its called "Banat Al Riyadh" its nice and all that, but it's like all men are bastards (as if we don't already know that).
People say that marriage kills love so in order to stay in love stay away from marriage! What a yukki thing to say, its like saying don't you ever think you will marry the one you love or at least don't think that u will stay in love..

Why is it so difficult, I really don't understand!!

Last update 28.04.2006
at 12:35 am

Lol! We had the toughest week at work; see we are in the process of changing our corporation's website and its taking for ever; I honestly don't have time to even drink my coffee. Not only that I am suppose to work on both websites whether it’s the old one or the new one and not to forget that both of my colleagues were not there one had a course in Kuwait and I don't know where the other one was. The new website (hmmmmm0 its not really what I wanted, see it is something like a portal which means it needs a lot of work especially in html which I am not so good at .
Anyways I would like to thank Enas she is really one of those people who surprises you, see I asked my colleagues to go through the new portal and see if there were any grammar mistakes or spelling mistakes. See no one even bothered or they probably say this (oh yes there are a lot of mistakes a lot) but did they bother to point them out? Or even write them down on a small piece of paper. No it was to tiring to do that when I always helped everyone out when they needed. Anyways I just hope everything works out fine.

I missed designing so this weekend I made a couple of new designs, I felt like I am so busy working I didn't have time for my precious website.

I feel a lot stronger as a character these days I always say what I is on my mind not afraid to speak out load did before, when I don't like something now a days I just go a head and say it . I had a meeting with out I.T. Dep. Manager I complained about the website they selected and what a bad choice that was, can you actually believed he agreed with. (You go girl!)

* Some times when I see little babies I can't wait to have one my self, babies are so cute I just love them. But you know marriage isn't always great. You know how it is when you are a teenager with your friends knowing that my god she is so pretty I bet you she will have the best husband, but when reality hits it sucks, being pretty is not key to a happy marriage. Most of my friends have failed marriages I wonder why! Is it because we are so naive or so immature, this girl I know had this amazing most beautiful wedding and the most beautiful wedding gown and the most gorgeous husband that every girl at the wedding wished she was there sitting next to him. Three moths later she was divorced. Guess why! She said no one told here he was "BOLD". WHAT!! Are we so stupid to think that marriage is only about finishing the deal of being perfect?? Is that what marriage is about these days? She says he is like a mama's boy. Well! Maybe that’s true too. Marriage is like a record deal it might work out and it might not but you really need to work on you record deal to be able to have a successful record. But lately what I have noticed that ladies really work hard on having the perfect wedding for months, and can't seem to work hard on trying to save the marriage.
Oh if u find grammar mistakes or spelling... I just hate to reread.

Last update Thursday, April 20, 2006
10:25:25 AM

Do you know what's it like wanting to own a business! Just don't k now how to start? I have so many business ideas I just don't which one to start with. You sometimes I believe I can be a multi – business women. I would love to own a whole line of different offices whether they were related to women's stuff or even men.
Becoming a business women is something I would really want to be , maybe coz I want to help as much people as I can and I can do that when I am rich I mean like really help them maybe help them build their own homes, or even help kids get into college, you know like stuff. It is such a nice feeling to help people and it is also a nice feeling to be able to make a difference in this world.

I know I was talking about starting my own business but I won't tell you guys what it is about so you won't steel my idea ?

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at 10:05 pm


Last update 09.04.2006
at 02:22 pm


You know I would like to start my own business so badly I just don't have the time or the money to start, so anyways there are a lot of TV ads that I love or even some print ads that make a lot of sense. See I was surfing the internet and I found this really cool website , I don't really know where does he get all these ads but its kind of cool to have that type of interest . ( Trust me u will love it if you were interested in advertising


Last update 05.04.2006
at 08:40


You know when you say things when you are angry , I mean things that you don't really mean, its only anger talking . I really didn't mean it at all. I didn't only hurt the person's feeling I hurt my feelings too. Its like I lost my self truly I even feel like I am not who I am suppose to be .God!! I feel so bad. Its like I am turning into this person and I don't even now it.
So to save my self from being a bad person here is what I am going to do:
- No more saying things with out thinking first
- If I am mad I won't talk or say anything without calming down first (by counting to10)
- don't make a big deal out of small issues
- stop being selfish

last update 23.03.2006
at 09:35
My god its been so long since my last update, I know I have been a littl
e lazy lately but you can't imagine how swamped I am at work so the minute I get home I just want to lay down and watch my TV , I don't even feel like designing anymore , its like I feel that I lost my inspiration , or maybe I am just lazy.

Anyways I can't wait to go to Dubai again, do u know Robbie Williams is going to be there performing , so my mom is like (NO WAY!) she's like buy a car first ! she thinks if I go to Dubai will spend so much that it will cost me a car lol! Hello I am not that big of a spender, I try to save, but I always end up spending my savings .

I really wish I can live in Dubai I love it so much, people say if you live there it wont be so special… well I don't care I just want to live there soooo much.

Anyways I am going to get my self a new Toshiba laptop (inshalla) which means I will be updating my website like a lot more than before, maybe change the look a little. Advertise more. I feel like I didn't give my website its needs.

Soon inshalla everything will be better.

Thursday, March 23, 2006 9:56 AM
Inshalla we hope strong back 4 your designs & your beauty work.?

last update 19.02.2006
at 09:35

Life sucks! Some times I just don't want to be happy coz every time I feel happy something really bad must happen. Why is that ? Why can't I have one small peaceful week? Life can get you right in the face… yes right in the face… when you come to ?think about it every time I am happy I get scared wondering what's going to happen now. Getting hurt by people you know has become something normal as if it’s a thing that 3ady.well! Its not 3ady bel3ax it is so wrong on so many levels. People became so addicted to money they forgot all about ethics and manners.

You know before when ever anything terrible happens to me I used always think that the best way to deal with it to crawl around my self as if I am back in my mothers wound, but now its exactly the opposite, I am so different now its like I want to show them that I am better than that, and I will teach them a lesson.

See life teaches you things you can never learn in school, no matter what you parents say you will always have your experiences, so look out life will slap you right in the face, so my advise to you is to slap it right back, don't let anything get you down always look forward, ok its true that once you get slapped its hard to get on your feet again, but look no one has ever been let down as much as I have. I have been let down so many times (if I had a nickel for every time I was let down I would have been richer than Bill Gates) but some times life can give a hint that its all going to work out, its not always bad when it want to be it will be.

See you have to look at the bright side of life, you can experience success and you can experience failure, but with our failure there will be no success.

See I went through hell this weekend, stupid silly mistake of mine so stupid I would like to shoot my self in the head. Can you believe I signed a document with out reading it think to my self I trust this person, I can't blame him I can only blame my self. So this was a lesson to me, that’s why I mean not beating my self about it. Coz with out tuff lessons you will never learn( I know you probably think what a dumb a$$) but what can I do I am still trusting people, see the first impression I get of a person is trust I trust people coz I think to myself why would this person lie to me he or she don't even know me. And then I learn the hard truth. Life suck… so does people!

last update 08.02.2006
at 10:41

I love DUBAI


I went to Dubai for five days and there is no word that can explain how beautiful it is. Forget the shopping malls! Just look around see how perfectly designed the streets are, how graphically designed the ads are. The ads are enough just more than perfect.

Now the buildings, I have been to Dubai not last April the one before, it was nothing like what I saw this time. You know people say the rush hour is terrible, well! I don't think so I swear to god we did

n't stop at all ok we weren't moving fast but we didn't once, we only stopped when the red light was on.

Or let's talk about their restaurants, (OH MY GOD) every thing is just delicious there, I probably gained 5 kilos per day
: P

I had the best time I swear I wish I can live their , people who live there are so lucky I bet you they don't even have time to get bored, even if they did they can take a course all the courses are available there. As for women man they don't even have to worry about a wedding or a party everything a woman wants is available there. For example is she has a yellow dress not only that she can find a shoe she can even find the earrings.
Or, or even lets say you can't afford to travel all you got to do is to the shopping mall , trust me I was suppose to go to Beirut BUT THANK GOD I didn't.(everything is there I mean it everything).

I want to live there sooooooo badly. I just want to thank the city of Dubai for a wonderful five day vacation, it not only fixed my mode is also helped me get on track again. I can't wait to go there again.

last update 31.01.2006
at 02:16
One of my dear friends advised me today to write down the stuff I need for people to know regarding the request of any design. So when a person wants a design she/he should answer some questions. Not to forget she/he should email me with the requirements needed so no misunderstanding happens. So according to email I will start working on the request.

There sure will be a deadline but just to get something out in the clear I work alone and I am not a free lancer I am a graphic designer in a company which mean I might not be ready on time, this is not a situation of not being professional not being able to meet the dead line it is just that I am a beginner in the business of people's requests, so I apologize from now for any inconvenience, you have a choice to choose my designs under my terms and you have the choice to look other where.

Services I provide:

• Greeting cards (can be printed in the printers, high resolution)
• Business cards
• Advertising banners
• Flyers
• Web graphics
• Corporate identity( mostly for individuals)
• Web layouts (designs only not in html)
• Photo retouching (not all, particular ones only)
• Newsletter designs

last update 30.01.2006
at 08:42

Hello every one
I wanted to add this a lot earlier but I keep on delaying and delaying so now I want to explain this to all. See for example when a fashion designer makes these funky weird looking dresses, WHY does he do that?
Or for example different types of brands try to copy each other for example the Gucci logo is kind of copied by Guess and Coach and a lot more, what are they trying to do? See what they are trying to show people is that look we are not that much expensive but we almost look the same but I think with probably less quality.
But anyways see some of the web layouts are actually thought by different great and amazing designers.

see what I do is I show people my potential which means I want them to see what I am capable of doing , if you see the designs from the net they are almost the same but with a slight difference. the most important thing I think is to be able to see something you like and think to your self, Well I can do and for a lot cheaper. So the point here is not that I copied their designs it's that I am able to do such designs. I am very proud of my work it makes me feel so good. So people please don't misunderstand my intentions I only want people to know what I am capable of doing.
(Thank you so much for choosing RazanGraphics as your designer for all the stuff, I mean all the different stuff whether it was a web layout or photo retouch or birthday designs, and so on. I would just like to get something out in the clear, where I only design the layout and once I am finished I will be handing it over as a psd file or a jpg file, which means I am giving the drawing and you get to do what ever you want with it. I don't design websites I only a design layout which means the drawing so all the admin work is up to you.)

see this the layout i liked

and this is the one i designed, so do you see the difference..(:P)

Hello every one and happy New Year, I guess year 2005 was one of the most busy years of my life; it had a lot of action.

Let's see what I did and what I didn't do in the year 2005:
• I quit my stupid job and started a new one
• I knew some new information that might damage me for the rest of life
• Went to London and had the best time of my life (the best).
• I have become a lot more confident
• Got a lot more better in what I do
• Started driving
• Gained a lot more weight
• I didn't take any new classes
• Was very careful form the people around me, especially now I think before I talk
• The best accomplishment is my website I am so proud of it.
• I promised my self to loose weight, joined a gym never went!

2006 must do list:
1. loose weight
2. Take control of my life
3. Save money
4. Stop thinking negative thoughts
5. Be more optimistic
6. Stop being lazy
7. Have a daily diary ( so I wont forget any more)
8. No more junk food
9. Sit more with my family
10. Probably go to the dentist
11. Have LASIK Eye Surgery
12. Try to take better care of my skin
13. I would teach late classes
14. Start a new business

Sunday,December 18, 2005
01:26:02 PM
. . . loosing weight . . .
My plan on loosing weight keeps on failing, my god I was never this way before. I would appreciate it if someone has a way to help me, any possible way, a success story a way that works for you that might actually work for me. I would be lying if I said I stuck to a diet , see that’s my problem I can't stick to a diet I start and it works fine for the first two day then .. You know the rest. How sad could I get, you know non of my jeans actually fit me anymore. Its like I hate getting invited to parties these days coz I don't know what to wear, and even if I find something to wear I feel shy like most of the time coz I gain all that weight, see my extra weight is not making me look bad, some people told me my face looks a lot better, and some say I look a lot better like juicier (lol). But still I plan on loosing weight before the summer, coz in the summer (summer loving).

Thursday,December 15, 2005
01:50:17 PM
Don't you remember!! U probably forgot... Right!

Do you know that it is really important for every human being to organize their time, coz if you waste your time you can never gain it back? So imagine if you had something to do and you kept delaying it over and over it feels so bad when you realize that oh my god I just wasted my time by doing nothing. So that’s why I try to take advantage of my time , see I work on my computer while I am eating and while I am watching TV . sometime I even do my nails while I am working on something , I am not saying that I am great with time , I am probably the worst person to deal with time. Also I am the worst in remembering things I keep on forgetting like 24/7 I never remember what I want when I want it, I don't remember what I want to say when I want to say it, it is not so recent it's been this way for a while but it has started to cause problems for me . So I ended up taking a short term memory test, and my results were really really bad. Here is what my results say: You tend to forget things a little more than you should. This could be due to common problems like hormonal fluctuations, stress, an inadequate diet, low blood sugar or not enough exercise. The problem could also be age-related. Memory retrieval slows down as you get older, but this doesn't mean the memories aren't still there -- you may just need to work harder to remember them.
You also may want to visit your doctor to rule out or treat other memory-robbing health conditions, including Alzheimer's disease, depression, chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia.

I hate it when I realize that I have forgot something and its too late to go back and get or do it , everyone around me says the same thing over and over to me (Don't you remember!! U probably forgot... Right! )
to read more about the memory system click here.
to take the test click here.


Monday,December 04, 2005
08:13:12 PM
OPRAH why would you do that?
I am writing a letter (email) to oprah regarding her episode where she had a Christian experience being Muslim. I was so offended by that episode coz Islam is not an experience it is a religion just like all other religions. To read the letter click here.

Monday,December 04, 2005
08:13:12 PM
. . . Cool New 3abayas . . .I just got 3 new 3abayas, i spents like more QR 2000 ONLY ON 3abayas, but i am so happy that i have bought them coz when i shop i usually feel alot better not to forget excited about wearing all of mew stuff.. See sometimes what i do is i buy new stuff and hide so when i am in bad mood i just get them out and imagine that i have just got them, thats incase i couldn't buy anythign that month.

So now i am feeling terrific , HAPPY, and not to forget joyfull...

Wednesday, November 20, 2005
09:29:55 PM
. . . Soooo Busy . . .

You wont beleive the week i had, it was just one of the most busy weeks. I had so much work to do, would you like to know what i had to do this week?
well for example i had to design the 2006 calendar with 12 new designs for each month... man that took alot of time, i also had to design a birthday gift bag for a friend & another birthday thing for another friend.. not to forget other stuff at work...i just signed a new contract at work ....THANK GOD... thats final now i get to have sick leave and other stuff. see it has only been 5 months for me and they really want me.WOW. that was a shocker coz see i am suppose to finish my first 6 months but coz i am soooo talented (lol) they want to keep me.. wanaaasaaa.

But this week was so tuff for me my mood was sooo bad for some many different reasons, i don't know what really cozed it. but i think i its all stress

i really hope that no one is upset at me : )

Actually i am soo happy coz there is a girl from U.A.E who asked ME to design something for her... which means she is my first customer.. i will never forget her for the rest of my life.

Thurdsay, November 17, 2005
08:21:09 PM
Guests Pledge US$10 Million (QAR36 Million) In Charity Auction

Emir and his wife, Her Highness Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned, the Heir Apparent and his wife, Her Excellency Sheikha Jawaher bint Hamad bin Sohaim Al Thani, they were attending this amazing charity gala dinner launching the ‘Reach Out To Asia’ charity drive dug deep into their pockets to raise almost US$10million (QAR36million) in a live auction to raise funds for the underprivileged and disadvantaged across Asia

It was just amazing to know wonderful things like this happen in Qatar. (JUST AMAZING).

It was truly inspiring to see the generosity of people such as HRH Prince Al Waleed bin Talal who amazingly put up over a million dollars for a beautiful Cartier set only to gift it back for re-auction where it fetched another $1m.

Monday, November 14, 2005
04:03:33 PM
. . . Mental Pain . . .
Saturday, November 12, 2005
07:00:00 PM
. . . LONELY . . .


Friday, November 4, 2005
12:131:25 PM
Fun Bunch of people
I was in a store when I met those kids, it was in a store called limited too... they were full of life, laughter, joy, giggling about silly stuff. They weren't shopping just hanging out.. I just miss being a kid...

Thursday, November 3, 2005
06:21:33 PM
Eid Lunch can you believe that!!
I couldn't help it, I just can't help not eating sushi or salmon, there was a '7aroof but still i couldn't resist.. Messy even when it comes to eating :P


Thursday, November 3, 2005
03:45:15 AM
Happy Eid!!
I wish all a Happy Eid!!


Wednesday, November 2, 2005
11:55:25 AM
Funny ... check this out !!
i thought this wall is kind of funny concidering it is the logo of QATAR LOL don't you think.... it is saying ...hey look i am made in QATAR.


Monday, October 31, 2005
9:24:10 AM
Trying to loose weight!!

I am really trying to loose weight and I can' t seem to start , every time I decide to begin my diet , we either get invited some place or my beautiful mom makes something which I surely can’t resist. I am not saying that I am over weight, it is just that I believe that I am over weight to how I used look before. See I have been through a lot which caused me to go to food for comfort. It wasn't all that bad when you think about it, but what can you say it's not too late to try to fix it. At the mean time I am reading Dr. Atkins Revolution. I have two books of Dr. Atkins, I just started reading it. I keep hoping that maybe while reading the book I am loosing weight, see how desperate I am to loose some weight. I believe that it is a least a step forward, I am joining a gym which I will make my mom pay for to feel committed to going everyday. Coz I know that she will keep pushing to go.
So here is my promises to my self, I am going to start loosing weight become healthier, energetic, no more heartburns, and no more depression.


Thursday, October 20, 2005
11:46:10 AM

A Messy Desk Is The Sign Of Genius
I'm not a slob or anything, but I tend to have a pretty cluttered or messy desk at work. For that matter, my desktops on my computers is equally messy. Why is this you ask? Well, I tend to think that I have a lot of stuff on my desk, because frankly, I do a lot of stuff and have a lot of things to keep track of. I find it's very easy to not be organized like I should. The problem is when you get overwhelmed with stuff it's easy to set it aside for the moment. What happens then is the dreaded piles dilemma. Normally this isn't a big deal at work. We all have desk full of paper because we deal with lot's of printed work.


Monday, October 17, 2005
12:24:13 PM


today one of the guys I work with had a car accident, he is one of the greatest people I have ever met, can you believe that he is only 20 years. They said that he can barely remember anyone; they think it might be amnesia. Inshalla he will get well soon and come back to work .

Sunday, October 16, 2005
09:55:22 PM

Today when it was fotoor time we went out to my auntie's house to have fotoor. I even cooked for the first time. I was so tired. on the way there , there was a crowd so we had to take a short cut to get there so fast, when we got there guess what happened.... there was a not electricity (complete black out). Can u believe my luck :(

Sunday, October 16, 2005
12:45:30 PM
Today is one of those days where it is really hard to concentrate, let's begin with when I first woke up in the morning. My alarm rang at 5.30 I don't know who changed that, probably me. Anyways that’s not the point I wanted to sleep so badly coz I stayed up late last night. So I woke up and I was getting ready to leave I got in the car and I realized that I have forgot my cell phone do you know how that feels? You feel like you are lost and you don't know who is calling you. I felt like I was missing a very important thing which is my cell phone.
Not to forget my best friend A.S.E.E.L.A just started her new job and I was suppose to call her and congratulate her on this occasion anyways my sister called me and I asked her to send her a text message to call me, but she had bad news her dad has diabetes and they might need to amputate one of his legs. Man I felt bad for him and her she is the sweetest girl I have ever met.
I have to cook today , I will probably cook a chicken I think I am good in that (would you listen what I am saying ) I , I , I you must be bored of that.
My sweet brother had a quiz today which he didn't study for, he just started college, what a start !! he called me to my office and he was freaking out saying can you believe I didn't study for my quiz and I was the 3rd best grade in the class ( I told I was smart) he added . Isn't he the cutest brother!!


Thursday, October 13, 2005
8:38:56 AM

You know sometimes I feel that I am such a negative person; everything around annoys me, like for instance today while I was waiting for the elevator. Wait I'll come to details in a while.
Ok now you can hear my story and tell me what you think.
You had so7oor late at night like food (food) and you didn't have time to digest the food then you went to bed. Do you know what it feels like when you wake up with the feeling that oh no my food haven't been digested yet. Anyways that’s not my point, ok so I am on my way to work where as usual the crowd is unmentionable, there was an accident and the fire fighters (oh how strong) were hosing down the road probably some oil form a car accident, you can't imagine the crowd I was thank god I was on that side of the road. Then lol this orange taxi was in front of us that was driving soo slow that was getting me on my nerves (if you don't want to speed why are you on the fast lane?) ok now I get to my building and I walk towards the elevator, the elevator door was up to closing coz it was full with people, this (smart guy) presses the button which caused the felled elevator with angry ,fasting people to look at me with this look which say (I'll get you) uuuuuuuuuh scary , but I looked at them with a look that said:" I wasn't the one who pressed the button.


Thursday, October 13, 2005
11:19:28 AM
You know what I find amazing about some people; it's when different families have new born babies. A can be so excited about the new baby and the other doesn't really care. See I think having a baby (boy or girl) is a blessing. You must cherish every moment you spent with the baby. Family B has more than 3 children so one more babies is considered to be more expenses. But family A is shopping and buying more and more stuff for the new baby.

People always want what others have, people are never pleased with what they want, for example single women want to get married, and married women wish they were still single. White girls want to tan all the time, darker girls whish they were lighter. Actually if you think about its only us girls who problems with what they already have or what they can't afford.



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